Learn Cyber Security and be a

Cyber Research Expert

As an advanced research and development company, we have built a unique training method that turn you into leading cyber researchers - the program is provided free of charge to qualified candidates

Our success as a research and development company that has trained over 2,000 graduates in the development and DevOps professions who are already working in the industry, has led us to develop a unique program that will equip you to become a leading cyber researcher within 36 weeks, at no cost.

We are not another company that offers a cyber course, we are a research and development company that will train you to get to know in depth the "behind the scenes" and methodology in all areas of cyber.

Admission conditions

English High level | High mathematical and algorithmic abilities | Advantage for those with a scientific degree

Benefits of the Program

Enduring career and continued support

At the end of the training you will become one of the leading Cyber Research Experts in the field and start working in the best companies in the industry.

Infinity Mentored Social Learning

Learn cyber in a holistic way – when others use buzzwords, we train candidates to comprehend not only the technology but also the methodology.

Learn from the best in the industry

The training program is designed and managed by leading industry experts with  more than 30 years of experience in the cyber field.

Training in the most sought after field

Practical and focused training based on real tasks from the cyber arena.

While others focus on a particular subject, with us you will learn holistically in a manner that will allow you to start working in all the different cyber disciplines

Doctrines of the training

The Cyber-Research training program provides a holistic approach to all areas of cyber. The training provides an understanding of cyber methodology and vast exposure to the technologies, techniques and tools relevant to the wide range of cyber applications. The comprehensive topics include networks, security, attack techniques, protection techniques, incident identification and analysis, and even include exercises and real tasks from the cyber arena in Israel and around the world.

How it works

Enduring career

Infinity Labs R&D will continue to accompany you throughout your career and give you access to the company's content, so you will be up-to-date at all times and remain relevant & independent, as employers in hi-tech expect you to be.

The placement process

Even before the end of the training, you will begin a series of interviews for cyber roles with the best companies, startups and leading development centers in Israel, accompanied and prepared by organizational psychologists and our company's HR team. Supplemental technical training will be provided to students, according to specific requirements by the employers.

The training program

In the cyber-research training course we have developed, you will be accompanied by the leading cyber researchers in the field and you will learn the principles of the cyber world, the technologies and methodologies in the field. You will also learn how to independently learn the principles of tools and systems, so that during your career you can work in any field in the cyber worlds.

Compatibility check

Apply and attach your resume (preferably). If there is a match, our representatives will invite you to an orientation day where you will get to know us better, and we will examine your suitability to become a cyber-researcher.

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