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Infinity Labs has developed a unique learning method that in just 4.5 months equips you to work in DevOps positions

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How does the DevOps training work?

Compatibility checking

Apply by attaching a resume (preferred). If you are found to be a suitable candidate, our representative will invite you to a “matching” day where you will get to know us better, and we will examine your suitability for the world of DevOps.

Training program

In our DevOps Pro track, you will be guided by a professional mentor and learn the cross-functional domains of Software Development and Operations, the main tools and skills used today by DevOps Experts, and how to independently learn about other tasks and processes, so that during your career you'll be able to work with any required tools without any need for additional training.

Placement process

Even before the end of the training program, you will begin a series of interviews for DevOps positions that would otherwise require 2–3 years of experience with the best companies, startups and leading development centers in Israel, assisted by our team of placement experts.

The training program duration may be extended to offer participants a dedicated ‘technical completion’, according to the requirements of the hiring company.

Long career

Infinity Labs will continually guide you throughout your career and provide you with access to our content, so you can stay up-to-date at all times as high-tech employers expect you to be.

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Program Benefits

Our mentors provide the best guidance, relevant for the industry in 2023.

Our participants in the DevOps track gain a systemic vision and an in-depth, high-level understanding of the collaborative processes and operational flows of the software development lifecycle that effective DevOps demands.

Infinity invests 96,000 NIS in each participant for our software development training program. and also invests in our graduates continually throughout their careers.

Our training program is recognized by the Israel Innovation Authority, where it has received the prestigious distinction of being ranked 1st place for software development training in Israel, in the areas of Full Stack and R&D.

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